5 Similar Apps like ShowBox as Alternatives

If you are a fan of movies, then Showbox may just be the app that you need. This is because it can enable you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows at any time, as long as you have Showbox and internet connection. The Showbox app runs on Android, but you can still download and install for use on your PC or laptop. However, you may need another accompanying app, commonly known as bluestacks. With Showbox, you will easily be able to stream movies or even TV series of your choice. You will also be able to get only the movies or film that you want.

The Showbox for PC application is very effective when you want to stream and watch movies, or even local shows online, however, you can also get alternatives. This article reviews 5 other apps like Showbox, which can act as alternatives. These can be listed as follows;

PlayBox HD: This is a streaming app that resembles just like Showbox, only that it comes with a different theme. It is however referred to as the best alternative. You will also get plenty of movies or TV shows that you can stream and watch online.

Movie Box: This is also a great Android app similar to Showbox, where you can watch, stream favourite movies of your choice. The unfortunate thing, however, is that it will only support English and Russian. What is more, before you start watching movies, you will need to watch the trailer first.

MegaBox HD: MegaBox is also a great streaming app by Android, that works just as the Showbox, only that you may come across so many ads. If you are used to Showbox, using this app will also be easy, as the menu controls are well detailed, Streaming content is also easy and effective if you have a good internet connection.

Hub Streaming: If you want a great alternative to Showbox which provides a user with different choices when it comes to streaming, then this might the solution. You will have plenty of movies that you can watch, and even an option of downloading at your convenience. But it will only work best with a good connection.

Crackle: This also refers to an online streaming app that is very common for most Android users, hence making it very popular. However, it is only available in Android, Updates of movies and TV shows is done after every 30 days, meaning that you can only view the latest content after every month. Streaming of online content is great if you have a fast connection.

If you are a great fan of movies and Television content, then Showbox for PC would be one of the best options you should consider. This is because of the plenty of movies and TV shows that you can be able to watch for free. However, if you are not content with Showbox and would like to try out something different, there are also a number of alternatives as reviewed in this article. Most of these alternatives will work just similar to Showbox, with just minor differences or upgrades.


5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hard WaterStains

What pops up into your mind when you think of hard water stains? If you thought of a haunted or abandoned house, then you are probably on the right track. This is because most hard water stains will make your tub, toilet bowl, and faucets surfaces look like that of a haunted house or a scene from the walking dead. Yeah, folks, it is that bad. This is because it makes them look like they ‘ve been neglected, taking out that classy look from them. I know, now most of you are wondering how can I change this. Well, there are many ways of how you can go about this problem.

Some of the ways of doing this are employing the use of baking soda, Hydrogen peroxide, cleaning vinegar, apple cedar vinegar, and finally get a fleck water softener. I know most of you have read this list and you are like wow how will a water softener assist in getting rid of hard water stains. Hold that thought cause I will get to that shortly.

Baking Soda

If you do have ceramic tiles installed in your bathroom then am pretty sure that you are going to experience a love-hate relationship with it. This is because while you can give your bathroom a ton of character. Hardware will easily cause havoc on both the grout and enamel of your tile making even the classiest tile look cheap.


– Apply baking soda and water mixture to the affected areas
– Leave it for a minute about a minute.
– Light scrub away, and you’ll see the difference.

Hydrogen peroxide

The typical hydrogen peroxide does a magnificent job when it comes to the bathroom especially when pinned against the stubborn soap scum hard water stain combination that is known to accumulate at the bottom of a metal fixture like faucets and tubs.


-Pour the hydrogen peroxide directly into the affected area, or you can give this solution an extra boost by adding some baking powder.

-leave for 30 min.

-Wash away with water and soap.

Cleaning vinegar

If you use ordinary toilet cleaner, it is not just upto the job then it is time to employ a new tactic. The acclaimed cure all vinegar, but to note when say vinegar we are not actually talking about the one you use in your salad. We are actually talking about the super strong vinegar that is known to contain high levels of acidity.


– Pour this useful tool directly into the affected part.

– Scrab away.

Apple cedar vinegar

Aside from it being one of the best versatile disinfectant known to even clearer pores. It also does a magnificent job when it comes to cleaning glass and windows that may have fallen victim to your mineral massive water supply.


– Mix some apple cedar vinegar with water.

– Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

– Wipe away with newspaper and observe the difference.

Fleck water softener

This is one of the best water softeners that the market has to offer. However, I know many of you are still wondering how it helps in getting rid of hard water stains. Well, it is pretty more comfortable cause it converts the hard water into soft water meaning that you would not even have to deal with hard water stains in the first place making it the most convenient way for you to relieve yourself of hard water stains sturdiness.

In conclusion, we can see that the best way of getting rid of hard water stains is to avoid them in the first place. Although you can still get the hard water stains removed by the other mentioned above methods. It would still be a lot more easier and cheaper for you to get a Fleck water softener and never worry about hard water stains again.

Budget Monitor

Best Budget Gaming Monitors – BenQ RL2755hm Review

BenQ RL2755hm is the gaming monitor that features a 27-inch screen, higher refresh rate and minimal response time, thereby making it the best gaming monitor in this range that geared for the avid gamers. BenQ RL2755hm is the hybrid gaming monitor that comes with 1080p resolution and features pricy panels. Being the avid gamer you would love the screen size which is quite bigger and has the in-class resolution of 1920×1080 and comes with lag-free 1ms GTG response time and refresh rate of 60Hz which can compete for the other high-end 144Hz Monitor.

The Design and Display
As mentioned, BenQ RL2755hm features a 24-inch display and has predominantly black panel and 0.5-inch bezels on edges. It is a bit thicker compared to other monitors in this range and it comes with a rubber stand which prevents sliding of the monitor. It is designed to support Play station Controller and at the back, you will see the foldable flap which you can use to put the headset on it. As mentioned, the BenQ RL2755hm comes with the 1920×1080 resolution and has a GTG response time of 1ms. The lowest response time means there will be no lags and no ghosting issues with the monitor. So, while playing games on this monitor you will be facing no ghosting issues. The gaming monitor comes with TN panel and hence the color reproduction is not up to the mark. However, the monitor comes with a contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 which is the highest ratio that the panel can deliver.
The display also has a wealth of I/O inputs which satisfy the basic needs of the gamers. It comes with dual HDMI ports so that you can connect another TV and easily plug another device with HDMI adapter. It also has DVI-D and D-Sub port which can be used for better image quality. There are also other ports in line which can be used for connecting subwoofer system or external speakers with 3.5mm jack. Unfortunately, the DisplayPort is missing in the monitor.

The Gaming Performance and Other Features
BenQ RL2755hm is certainly the best gaming monitor that comes with TN panel that guarantees smooth audio-visual performance with 1080p resolution and 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The black and whites in the game can be discernable and other detailing can be easily seen because of its Black eQualizer technology and this technology is integrated to enable you to pinpoint the colors even in dark and light lighting conditions. Moreover, the gaming monitor comes with 1ms GTG response time which can help you to enjoy high and fast-paced games with smooth visual performance. This also prevents the issues of ghosting.
The monitor comes with a brightness level of 280 NITS which makes BenQ RL2755hm the brightness gaming monitor today. The color reproduction is not as expected and can be observed while playing visually rich games. Moreover, the primary thing to notice is the refresh rate which is 60Hz and this indicates that the monitor can produce 60 frames per second. But, gamers who want to go for higher fresh rate models must opt for the Best 144Hz Monitor from BenQ.
The monitor also features preset picture modes which can use by toggling it through the OSD buttons. It is used for images, real-time strategy games, and fighting games. By default, BenQ RL2755hm has the FPS picture mode which is good in many cases and slightly brighter than standard images. The monitor also comes with 20 impressive colors vibrant setting that enables you to select between the 20 preset color saturation modes. It is designed with Flicker-free technologies and the low blue light feature that ease the strain on eyes while playing games.