5 Similar Apps like ShowBox as Alternatives

If you are a fan of movies, then Showbox may just be the app that you need. This is because it can enable you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows at any time, as long as you have Showbox and internet connection. The Showbox app runs on Android, but you can still download and install for use on your PC or laptop. However, you may need another accompanying app, commonly known as bluestacks. With Showbox, you will easily be able to stream movies or even TV series of your choice. You will also be able to get only the movies or film that you want.

The Showbox for PC application is very effective when you want to stream and watch movies, or even local shows online, however, you can also get alternatives. This article reviews 5 other apps like Showbox, which can act as alternatives. These can be listed as follows;

PlayBox HD: This is a streaming app that resembles just like Showbox, only that it comes with a different theme. It is however referred to as the best alternative. You will also get plenty of movies or TV shows that you can stream and watch online.

Movie Box: This is also a great Android app similar to Showbox, where you can watch, stream favourite movies of your choice. The unfortunate thing, however, is that it will only support English and Russian. What is more, before you start watching movies, you will need to watch the trailer first.

MegaBox HD: MegaBox is also a great streaming app by Android, that works just as the Showbox, only that you may come across so many ads. If you are used to Showbox, using this app will also be easy, as the menu controls are well detailed, Streaming content is also easy and effective if you have a good internet connection.

Hub Streaming: If you want a great alternative to Showbox which provides a user with different choices when it comes to streaming, then this might the solution. You will have plenty of movies that you can watch, and even an option of downloading at your convenience. But it will only work best with a good connection.

Crackle: This also refers to an online streaming app that is very common for most Android users, hence making it very popular. However, it is only available in Android, Updates of movies and TV shows is done after every 30 days, meaning that you can only view the latest content after every month. Streaming of online content is great if you have a fast connection.

If you are a great fan of movies and Television content, then Showbox for PC would be one of the best options you should consider. This is because of the plenty of movies and TV shows that you can be able to watch for free. However, if you are not content with Showbox and would like to try out something different, there are also a number of alternatives as reviewed in this article. Most of these alternatives will work just similar to Showbox, with just minor differences or upgrades.

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